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Introducing the All New Jennifer V. Events!

Hooray!! We’re always celebrating at Jennifer V. Events, but today is extra special—our new site is live!

We’ve been working behind the scenes for almost a year to create our new gorgeous site, and are so proud of our new look.

2017 is the year of big and wonderful things for Jennifer V. Events, and the first item on my trusty to-do list was to make my website reflect the aesthetic and quality of my company. This new site has been a labor of love and represents the love and care that I put into all of my events, and I’m so proud of how it reflects my brand.

As our 5th year in business, this is also milestone year for Jennifer V. Events. I feel so grateful to get to celebrate so many of life’s major moments with so many wonderful people in Raleigh-Wilmington and beyond. It’s an honor every day.

You may notice that a few things are different around here. We shortened our name to Jennifer V. Events, because so many of you called us that, and we felt it was a better representation of who we are as a company, as we love doing all types of events.

I’m so thankful to the team who designed and developed my website, the ladies of Love Inspired! They took my vision for my branding and created a logo and brand set that felt so me, and made my website equally gorgeous and useful. I’m so thankful it’s launch day so I can show you!

To keep in touch with us sign up for our email list below, follow us on Instagram and Facebook. And of course, if you have something to celebrate and would like us to handle the details, you can get in touch here.


Jennifer V.

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Prestonwood Country Club, Cary, North Carolina

Alex + Nidhi | Wedding Highlights from akfocus on Vimeo.

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The Wheels on the Bus Go ‘round and ‘round!

Did you find yourself singing a certain song in your head as you read the title? Because if you did- you were spot on! This last birthday party I had the privilege of doing brought one of the most classic childhood songs to life! In addition to the wheels on the bus, we chose to add in a mix of children’s favorite animals which gave us the perfect theme for a first birthday party.

The bulk of this party’s theme was inspired by the animal bus image seen below. We decided to not only use the wheels on the bus throughout this event but also incorporate the classic animals on the bus as well.  As you look at pictures of the entire event you’ll be able to pick out these exact animals and bus image on everything from these water bottles to the centerpieces to the birthday cake! So join us as I take you through a tour of Mia’s first birthday party!

(As a side note- water bottle covers are one of my favorite details! It takes such a simple party component and turns it into a conversation piece! I would highly recommend this as something easy that will make a huge difference to any event.)

This bus stop greeted guests as they entered the party which took place at the Herb Young Community Center in Cary.

The bus stop was made by family friends of my client but the cute monkey balloon is the masterpiece of Blooming Balloons! One of my favorite things about doing this party was the way we were able to incorporate balloons to fit the theme- and thanks to Blooming Balloons, it turned out incredible. Not only were they able to make a variety of the animals on the bus, but they were able to make stoplights, a bus backdrop, and more!

When you first entered the room you were greeted by a “road” that led straight to a photo booth bus. How cute are the balloon pillars next to it? I have to add a zoomed in picture of the bus so you can appreciate how cute this turned out! The children loved going up behind the bus and sticking their head through the window for a picture. Additions like this are always fun because even though there is a photographer at the party, guests always enjoy having a reason to take their own pictures on their phone too.

Balloon animals also greeted the guests upon their arrival as they were the centerpieces at each table. This worked out perfectly for a child’s birthday party because the children were able to take the animal centerpieces home with them at the end of the event. And what child doesn’t love a balloon animal?

Guests were encouraged to leave a note on a paper cut out of an animal head and place it on this poster! Such a fun way to incorporate the theme into a sign in table.

Appetizers were open as the guests arrived and of course they were chosen to go with the theme. Each appetizer item was chosen to match a phrase from the wheels on the bus song. For example “The wheels on the bus go ‘round and ‘round” went with the donuts on a stick. And “The wipers on the bus go swish swish swish” went with the pretzel sticks. Each item was a representation of the different verses throughout the wheels on the bus.

About halfway through the party we had a storyteller come and sing classic children’s songs with the kids. Of course she started and ended by singing “The Wheels on the Bus” and in between she sang everything from Old Macdonald to the ABC’s. The kids LOVED her. They were dancing and singing along and having a great time!

Having the storyteller there made for the perfect transition into cutting the birthday cake as Tricia (The Storyteller) led everyone in singing happy birthday to Mia. Mia’s cake was made by  Party Delights and the cupcakes were made by the Cupcake Shoppe.

While the cake was being cut, guests helped themselves to lunch provided by Nana’s Tacos. I loved the balloon stoplight and archway that framed the food! Also as you can see in the picture below there were balloon wheels and animal heads hanging from the ceiling. It’s the little details like this that really give the “wow” factor when you first walk into a party.

Every kid LOVES goodie bags. And the ones at this party definitely lived up to their expectation. On their way out, guests passed a sign that read: “Thank you for wheeling over to Mia’s first birthday party! Please take a cookie.” There were cookies provided for every guest and then a goodie bag and animal cup for each child to take!

We had a blast working on this party, but just like every bus ride… eventually this party had to come to an end too. We hated to see it go but we were so happy to be there along for the ride because it was a fun one! We absolutely loved being able to play a party in this first birthday celebration and we hope that Mia and her family enjoyed it just as much as we did! Wishing Mia a happy first birthday from Jennifer V. Events!


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Two year anniversary of Tamra and Charlie

Happy almost two year anniversary to Tamra and Charlie! I can’t believe it has been two years since they tied the knot at Chapel Hill Country Club in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

I really enjoyed being a part of their special day and am so thankful to have been given the opportunity to meet and work with such great people. Read about their surprise wedding ceremony and cocktail party written by their officiant Kayelily Middleton.

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