Did you know that Tori Spelling launched a new book called CelebraTORI? In the book, Tori teaches how to “unleash your inner party planner to entertain friends and family”.

From the publisher: Tori shares all her secrets to throwing a sensational, but affordable, event. Whether she adds flare to a family game night, or plans the perfect home spa (homemade body scrub!), Tori is never short of inspiration for an unforgettable affair.  A stylish book for the home, celebraTORI is also full of beautiful photographs and graceful details, a sensational complement to her fun advice.

This picture of the dessert table was from a do-it-yourself spa brunch that Tori threw. I loved the vintage silver and old trunks that she used as decorations. The little pearly sprinkles that were added to the cake pops made it look like bath oil balls. This was a creative way to tie the dessert and party theme together.