Have you ever Googled your name? I have, and it’s always interesting to see what Google pulls up in their search. When I first met my husband, the first thing I did was Google his name! I quickly learned he was a runner and had entered a few races, worked for Cisco, was in the white pages and was even in a horrible car accident in Upstate New York. Months after dating, we both admitted to Googling each other and it turned out that he wasn’t the Patrick that was mentioned in the car accident. Obviously, not everything Google pulls up is always about the exact person you’re searching for. We also found out that Patrick isn’t the only Patrick Viscosi.

Have you ever found a picture of yourself on the Internet?

I was lying in bed one night on my ipad searching for a DJ to hire and I came across the company NC Spin. I clicked on their website and when it popped up my first thought was that the man in the picture looked just like Patrick. I mentioned it to him and he quickly looked over and yelled, “that is me and that is you!” I couldn’t believe that we were on the homepage of this DJ’s website. It was kind of funny! Because you only see my back in the picture, it is harder to tell that it is me and easier to tell it’s Patrick since you can see most of his face. Turns out that this DJ and our wedding photographer work in the same building and are friends, hence how he got a picture from our wedding. To make a long story short, I decided to hire this DJ for a summer birthday party and can’t wait to start working with him and his company. To find out more about Spin NC, view the link below: