St. Patrick’s Day can be one of the hardest holidays to incorporate into your home. Of course, the color green should be present and it is in the decorative ideas and food items below.

This mint cookie cupcake seems difficult to prepare, but is easier to cook up than expected. This may just look like your average chocolate cupcake, but when bitten into, the crunch and taste of mint from a grasshopper cookie shakes things up. The recipe can be found here:

Many people know that a common food for the Irish is potatoes, so why not incorporate a little bit of tradition into your dish? These potato candies don’t exhibit the taste of potatoes, yet, they are a sweet treat for your guests! The recipe can be found here:

Shamrock streamers are a great decoration to use, because they can be easily put up and removed while still looking festive. All you need are streamers, scissors, and a pencil. How easy is that!? Further instructions can be found at

These adorable straws can dress up any drink! They can be bought on etsy:

Written by Madison Zampa